Rick Glawson Commemorative Reverse Glass Sign Creation By Larry White

Step 1 - Artwork Creation / Step 2 - Glass Surface Alteration / Step 3 - Rendering the Main Copy / Step 4 - Colorizing Center Panel / Step 5 - Gilding Lower Sand Carving / Step 6 - Gilding “Keeper of the Craft” Ring / Step 7 - Gilding Lions / Step 8 - Gilding Glue Chipped Scroll Work and Borders / Step 9 - Gilding Carved Text / Step 10 - Rendering the Secondary Center Panel / Step 11 - Corner Ornaments / Step 12 - Smalt Box

The following is a detailed description of the process I used in the creation of the Rick Glawson commemorative sign. Most all of the processes used were learned from Rick Glawson with most of the basic knowledge obtained at Rick’s California Conclave Letterheads meetings. Further knowledge of techniques and processes has been obtained through continued practice of this art, experiments, and communications with others in the craft. There is definitely more than one way to do the outlined processes, but I would like to share with you the steps and processes I used in the execution of this sign.

Step 1 – Artwork Creation

Illustration 1 – Pencil Layout Drawing

The artwork for this sign was all hand drawn with pencil on vellum. The inspiration for the font on Rick’s name came from the George Brooke portfolio book he had displayed at one of the conclaves. It was the plate with the initial “L”. I designed the rest of the letters from that one plate. After drawing his name, I dabbled in several different layouts. I decided to employ a symmetrical style design. As I drew the layout, I also envisioned the techniques I would employ as well as the color scheme. It is important to define all of the elements of the finished piece in the layout. Every transition of color, outline, or texture is defined in the line art. Upon completion of the layout, I calculated the finished size for the glass. Often times the finished size is based on how fine of an outline I can paint. I then procured several oversized copies in reverse (large format copier at Kinko’s, set to the mirror option).

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