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Faux Granite Execution In Reverse On Glass / Faux Marble Execution In Reverse On Glass

By Larry White

· Select a pallet of 3 shades of gray. Japan colors are preferred, however, One Shot can be substituted.

· Rick Glawson sold a spatter brush which appeared to be a ¾" diameter x 1" long stiff bottle brush with a wood dowel that had a metal rod extending from it that freely slid and rotated on the handle of the brush, the bristles of the brush would be charged with paint, the rod slid into the bristles, then when rotated the bristles would flick or spatter the paint in fine dots onto the glass.

· Using a spatter brush of this type, spatter the surface of the glass lightly with the darkest value gray. Then spatter lightly with the lightest tone of gray, followed by the medium value gray.

· Repeat these same steps for a second application.

· The entire area can then be backed up with the middle value gray. For a more mottled look, a sponging of a light asphaltum glaze can be applied in various areas prior to the back up with the middle tone gray. It would be advised to seal the spatter coats with shellac prior to the application of the background color.

· Various other effects can also be achieved through experimentation. Fine flitters into wet shellac for a sparkle. Gold webbing spray paint can be applied between the spatter coats for interesting veining. It truly only becomes limited to one's own imagination.

· For colored granite, replace the middle value gray with the same value of a desired color. Spatter the color first followed by the light and dark grays. Repeat as described above. Back up by sponging in areas of a desired tone of gray followed by a lighter gray in the open areas. Work the paints together similar to the marble application. The grays for the background can also be toned with varying degrees of color. Creating a sample and refining it to exactly what you want is always advisable prior to executing it on a near finished piece.

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